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Enjoying my switch from Plastic to cardboard .......

From Digital to Analog.

Gone are all the Digital formats: SACDs, DVDs, DVD-Audio's, HDCDs and CDs in their shinny plastic cases.

Hello to the Analog formats: LP and Pre-recorded Open Reel tape in their cardboard cases.

Aside from the fact that I enjoy analog way more. The cover art and the printing of the covers are like works of art that you can touch and feel. There is no plastic inbetween you and the LP or tape box. Oh you can take the booklet out of a SACD, DVD-A or CD case but it's just not the same.

I guess what I am trying to say is not only is the sound quality superior in the analog mediums, the contact with the physical artifact is superior as well. I just love well cared for LP covers, they are a little extra bonus.


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Topic - Enjoying my switch from Plastic to cardboard ....... - Teresa 23:13:46 08/10/03 (17)

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