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Re: Anyone try this "free MC cartridge demagnetizer technique?

Yes, I've tried it. In fact, I'm probably also the person who first started talking about this technique outside of Japan.

If you enter the words "fluxbusting" "jonathan" "carr" into the AA search engine (use boolean AND instead of OR), you should be able to find the information that you are looking for.

What is the model number of the Denon cartridge that you have? Denon produced quite a few cartridges that did not have permeable cores, and these will show less benefit from fluxbusting than if the cartridge has a permeable core.

FYI, the Parnassus can be used with a fluxbusting circuit without problem, not just with passive fluxbusting measures like the Cardas cartridge or the short-circuit method that is the subject of this thread. Just make sure that the fluxbuster is healthy and operating correctly, and you should not have any problem.

BTW, which Parnassus do you have? The first one (deep blue-black body), or the DCt (polished titanium body)?

regards, jonathan carr, Lyra designer

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