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ADS L420

I purchased a pair of a/d/s L420 this weekend. It appears to be well made and in good condition, but with some garage time.

Initial audition, they sound bright and with exaggerated high freq. resp., not much of low bass. Since the cabinet is not very deep, so it looks like it's designed for bookshelf type placement. Since I have no bookshelf, so I put them close to the wall, by that, I get a little bit more midbass, but that's it.

They sound bright, and gives the false perception of being detail, I've heard a lot of speakers from the late 70's through the 80's are like that.

I have a few pairs of vintage speakers with the same characteristic, the sound is too bright and little bass, some of those speakers with big cabinets and big woofers, but guess what, not much bass. So I have plan to replace the caps in the crossover.

Does anyone know what happened to a/d/s? I remember seeing their ad in the Audio magazine in the 80's, and saw some of their speakers in the local stores, then they disappeared.

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