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Gigantic Stromberg Carlson Acoustic Labyrinth speaker?

I have a gigantic Stromberg Carlson Acoustic Labyrinth speaker. It has a red coaxial 15" driver with a 2-3" tweeter that appears to have a leather surround. It is about the size of a refrigerator minus the freezer, finished in dark pretty veneer, with a nice gold-colored grill. I've listened to it with a Craftsmen 500 and it sounds very good. Condition is remarkable, the speaker itself looks almost perfect. I suppose that this is a precursor to the transmission line designs. Asides these observations, I know nothing about this speaker.

I want to get rid of it because it is just so big. I bought it because I never expected to find my second Craftsmen 500 ... I thought it would be great in a vintage mono system. Is there any known demand for Stromberg Carlson speakers? I will put it up for ebay eventually but if anybody knows more about these than I do, I'd love to hear!

Thanks... ---Jon

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Topic - Gigantic Stromberg Carlson Acoustic Labyrinth speaker? - jon_s 18:23:26 08/28/04 (0)

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