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Corporate automaton - pull the cord and watch it sing!

Billie Holiday once said that she wouldn't sing a song unless she felt it. Joan Baez said something similar about pop singers - that they have great voices, but no soul (paraphrasing of course).

The teenagers on this show are whittled down to fit into the corporate mold - shiny, pretty, young faces that can sing and sell Coke. It used to be that musicians made it on their own before selling out. Now they sell out before they even start.

Serious artists would never be caught dead even thinking of auditioning for that show. And here's a short list of people who wouldn't make it through the first few auditions even if they tried:

Tom Waits
Rickie Lee Jones
Kate Bush
Kurt Cobain
Joe Cocker
Nick Drake
Peter Gabriel
Mick Jagger
Janis Joplin
John Lennon
Annie Lennox
Bob Marley
Jim Morrison
Robert Plant
Bruce Springsteen
Rod Stewart
Neil Young

These would be the rejects that we all would laugh at for trying. And the winners would sound exactly like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Yay!

There's nothing wrong with liking these corporate shills - but don't try to compare them to real artists. Korbel tastes pretty good, but it isn't champagne.

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