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I tend to disagree....

They may be singing "POP" music on the show, but none of them have really put out a "POP" album after the show is over(except for Clay). This season also has its very first "Hip-hop" kid. Being a mobile D.J. from 1980-2000, I have had a close eye on the music industry. It was tough telling the parents of the many Bar/Bat-mitvahs I preformed at that there kid wanted me to play obscene rap music. Most flatly denied it until I read some of the lyrics to them. I basically told the kids and parents that if the album had a parental advisory on it that I would not buy, or play it. Only, if I could find a "clean version" would I play it. So, that is why I say that the music industry HAS been sucessful in selling the youth on "Rap crap". I watched in come and and thought it would be gone by now. I do agree that "Rap" is NOT music.
You may want to read on the Idol site what artisits these contestants admire and want to be like, they are mostly "Rap" and "Hip-hop" not "Pop". I bet most of these kids resent having to sing the old "Grand-parents" songs they do on Idol. Also, "heavy rock" is most defentialy music. It takes TALENT to play an instrument or sing, unlike talking a dirty poem to computer generated music(if you can call it that). Rock was pretty much already dead by the late 1980's.

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