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Re: I would disagree

I tend to agree that the term genius is bit strong in the case, but I have never met Burhoe. One of the most intelligent people I have me painted cars for a living.

With regard to speaker design, I have not come up with a finished product, but I am in the process of designing a high efficiency ported speaker. I recommend that you read Vance Dickerson's "Loudspeaker Design Cookbook". It explains very clearly, the relationship between driver’s parameters and cabinet design. When you read it, you will see that there are far too many significant variables for the random approach to have any chance of succeeding. You would have to keep cuuting and trying for a thousand years to have a chance of lucking out! I have read and reread it many times and have read many articles on speakers design (AudoXpress, jblpro.com, pispeakers.com). There is also quite a lot of good information in the High Efficiency Asylum. No one with any experience in the subject has suggested trial and error as a viable methodology.

I did do the bolt a driver in a box thing with my father, in the 60's quite a few times, without good results. I have been involved in audio since them, I also sold audio equipment in the 80's and heard many successful and unsuccessful designs. I have yet to see anyone get a good result with bolting drivers in a box, but I have had to suffer through a few auditions of such attempts. In each case, the builder thought it sounded wonderful, yet there were glaring error in the designs.

Designers could get good results before the Theil/Small parameters were published, but it involved quite a bit of trial and error. Designers would go through many steps of build, measure, and tune and would have built many prototypes before settling on a design.

Can you name any respected speaker design that was the result of haphazard design? What are your speaker building credentials?


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