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screw type spade connectors - WHO MAKES THEM?????

hi all,

i posted this to the cable asylum yesterday, so i thought i'd try you practical guys. i don't need pure copper mined by amazon virgins or other esoteric hi-fi crap, just decent screw on spades for $9.50 of 10 gauge belden cable.

I'm getting a bit frustrated. why doesn't anybody on god's green earth make a screw type locking spade connector?

EVERYBODY makes a screw type locking banana connector, but no spades...

here's a link to a banana connector with the screw connection. yo see similar ones EVERYWHERE:

you just shove the wire through the side hole and screw it in. simple and i can swap connections effortlessly, depending on if i want to use my McIntosh MC60's and janszen Z-200 (both with old school screw type binding posts) OR i can throw on some locking bananas at both ends if i want to use my KEF Calindas and my Quad 405-2.

i just can't believe that the only spades i can find are soldered, crimp or those funky compression ones where i have to splay the copper strands out over the base then screw it to the connector.

not that i have a problem doing that, but c'mon. the screw type is so much easier to deal with.

so, anybody know where i can get a screw-type spade connector?


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Topic - screw type spade connectors - WHO MAKES THEM????? - centaurus3200 10:14:52 01/02/07 (6)

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