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Re: Phase Research speaker


The HD13D34H was a high class tweeter in the late 70s and early 80s. It was designed for use in high quality/high priced 2-way systems (esp. British). Here are a few specs:

diaphram diameter: 1 1/4 inches (34mm)
dome material: impregnated fabric
Fs: 900 Hz
Qts: 0.99
dcr: 5.5 ohms
nominal impedance: 8 ohms (between 6 and 7 ohms from 1500-12,000Hz)
Fs peak between 400 and 1500 Hz, max 18 ohms at 900 Hz
Sensitivity: 92.5 db/w/m
nominal power handling: 50w
minimum slope and crossover freq: 2nd order at 3 kHz
magnet diameter: 96mm
magnet wt.: 725g (25 oz)

on-axis response is flat to about 16 kHz
30 degrees off-axis response is down 3db at about 12 kHz , down 7 db at 20 kHz

This was a good dome tweeter in its day, well known for its smooth, peak free response. Its weaknesses were slightly early rolloff (esp off axis) and power handling (people tended to cross it over too low).

I would check Madisound for a replacement (ask them) or get an exact replacement on eBay.

I could find no info. on the Phase Research speakers but remember that they had a good reputation. Definitely worth repairing. Check internal connections and parts: replace crossover caps as needed. Given that these domes lack a little air I would use film caps instead of electrolytics, but thats a matter of personal preference.



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