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Re: McIntosh MA-6100 vs. MA-6200

Thank you for your response.

I've been reading about the MA-5100, 6100, and 6200 all morning on the internet.

I have uncovered some past concern with the MA-5100 and impedence drops, while others say they love the amp, even better than the MA-6100.

My Spendor 2/3's operate at a fairly flat 8 ohms and are easy to drive. I am currently driving them with a 35 watt push-pull integrated amplifier and seldom turn the volume knob past 8:00 pm to achieve ear-crushing sound.

Do you still think I should worry about impedence problems with the MA-5100 or MA-6100 amplifiers using these speakers?

Secondly, is there anything that can be modified in the MA-5100 or MA-6100 that can solve the impedence problem?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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