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Jensen PM10C

Well all, I’ve just come back from hitting the garage sales with a new adoptee ($1 for an old speaker cannot be considered “buying,” imho) and hope some of you may know something about it.

The single speaker in question is mounted in some wall hanging unit that makes me think ‘50s, though I can’t be sure as that was around a few decades before I was born. The driver has a blue rectangular metallic sticker on the magnet cover that identifies it as a “Jensen PM Speaker” with small text saying “The Name Insures the Quality” and the requisite “Jensen Radio MFG. Co. address.” Now, the best I can figure represents the model number is the stamping of “?S? T246 PM10C C1057 4.” I’m guessing the model is PM10C.

Now, this driver doesn’t seem to be all that impressive, being a 10 inch where the surround is actually a continuation of the cone material and the dust cap is just a round piece of felt. Still, it doesn’t sound half bad and I’m just plain curious as to what this little fella is.

So, anybody know more about this Jensen?


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