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Very evil, indeed.

The X-10D is the worst product, from a company, which perpetually misleads consumers, by presenting deceptive information and poor quality products.

The X-10D does not meet it's own (mediocre) specifications. It has no place in a decent hi fi system. Loaded with a modest impedance (600 Ohms), an X-10D will typically exhibit distortion levels too high for most test equipment to resolve (my estimate: >30% THD). Yes, that's correct, THIRTY PERCENT! It provides no useful amount of gain (about 1.5dB), a very poor ouput impedance and average S/N figures. In short: The only reason for this product to exist, is to distort a musical signal. Hardly good choice for a person attempting to build an accurate (HI FI) system.

This is not the only example, of a product, which does not meet it's own specs, from Musical Fidelity. Some of their early Class A power amps, delivered a mere 10% of the advertised Class A power. Worse, circuitry was so poorly thought out, that channel to channel Class A power was easily 50% different. Some of their most recent products, are based on a component which has been obsolete for several decades (Nuvistor's). This places any purchasers in an invidious position, if that component fails and there is no further supply available.


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