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Another (much cheaper !!!!!) high-effieciency (96dB/W +) loudspeaker idea(s), with plans for one

For this idea, I use the Fostex drivers. For the tweeters there are two choices: the Fostex FT17H(US$37 each) or the Fostex FT96H(US$114 each). The mid-bass drivers are a choice between the Fostex FF225K(US$100 each) or the Fostex FE208 Sigma(US$148 each) full-range drivers. Take the cheapest alternative, a combination of the FT17H and the FF225K:
The FF225K rolls off naturally above 14kHz, so it can be run WITHOUT X-O. This is a very attractive feature, with a simple cap on the tweeter to for the high-pass. Fostex recommends running the FF225K in a 45 liter cabinet with a 80mm (inner dia.) port at 110mm long. How simple can you get?!?!?!
The ratings for this pairing should be as follows:
-Efficiency: between 96dB/w - 99dB/W
-Freq. response: -+ 35Hz to 50kHz
-Impedance: 8 Ohm
-Cost(for drive-units): US$274-00
If this does not have all the valve-heads who shudder at the cost of high-efficiency smiling, I don't know what would.
There is 2nd option, and that is running two full-range drivers in parallel for higher combined efficiency, with either a pair of the above-mentioned tweeters in parallel, or one of the higher-efficiency units in the Fostex catalogue. I've included a picture of the Fostex FE208 Sigma.
Any comments or suggestions welcome.
Enjoy the music.
Deon C
P.S. The link is to Fostex Japancatalogue page where you can download all the driver spec.s. You will need Adobe Acrobat and the Asian Font Packs. Go to the following page for both:

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