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Like these. Indeed.

I'm happy to see that K.T. took it very maturely. In any event, if you study the circuit board carefully, you will find that it really is a very well thought out design, with minimum length sigal paths and intelligent positioning of components. The longer you look at it, the more you find yourself respecting it. The only people who laugh in derision at the carbon resistors etc. are those who have heard neither Gaincard nor Gainclone. Their loss.

Build one. Try metal film resistors, try every other resistor, then try carbon film. Say: "oh."

Simon Yorke was once admonished by MF for using a plywood armboard on a very expensive turntable. He replied that plywood sounded best, and that he'd tried everything else. Would you then claim the table wasn't worth the money because it uses a plywood armboard? Au contraire!

Your point about the oft-quoted simplicity conveniently overlooking the internal circuitry of the op amp is well taken, but nonetheless it remains, within opamp circuits, an extremely simple and compact implementation.

The "brilliantly simple" is deserved because, like all great ideas, it is something that anyone could have thought of but nobody did.

Price vs. value, price vs. performance is something best left to those who propose to hear and see it for themselves.



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