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Re: GAINCARD DIODES: FE5D 9808 - info

1. If you check the 47 labs website


you'll see they list the power transformer as being a "C-core". Nobody claimed that it was a torroid, but a torroid is suggested as the best readily available substitute given R and C core transformers are expensive and hard to get in small quantities.

Nothing innovative? Deceptive. The innovation is justly the simplicity, and the extremely high quality, custom transformer, the very good diodes, and the ommission of the filter caps.

In my opinion - and this is just my own feeling after spending a lot of time researching the gaincard - is that trying to improve the real Gaincard by tweaking is something of a lost cause. You paid so much for it in part to allow Kimura to do all that for you. The gaincard is a fully optimised design. No stone was left unturned, as the cliche goes. Play with it and you are almost sure to fall off the curve.


PS. Only one diode bridge (4 diodes) means three power supply wires. I heard there are four wires (times two) which go to the amplifier. Can you confirm that the fourth wire is a duplicate ground, or earth ground?

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