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Re: apparent leanness of LM6172 (see Ehien)


No, I would, especially in CD Players and similar Digital gear allways go for the 6172 and sort the PSU out while I'm there. THis means:

1) 1uF/50V Siemens stacked Film bypass Cap across the supply line, directly on top of the Op-Amp to gurantee stability under all conditions (you can use other brands than Siemens which seems not sold in the US, important is the physical size and low inductance which allows the Cap to bridge the supplies with the shortest possible loop)

2) 220uF/25V or larger value Elna Silmic Powersupply decoupling capacitors close to the chip. Do NOT use Black Gates there under ANY circumstances, trust me you would not like the resulting sound.

3) Schottky Diodes in the Supply

4) Larger value and higher quality (I use Panasonic FC Series - do not use Black Gates if you trust me - Elna Cerafine or Silmic are better but very expensive in large values) Supply reservoir and Regulator decoupling Caps

That's it. Not so bad, is it?

Ciao T

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