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how refreshing to be in the company of so many

close minded people.

it must be quite obvious and comforting to you that something cannot exist if we do not have the necessary means to test/detect its existence.

your collective minds circa not too long ago --> you say there are tiny things called atoms that make-up everything ?

hogwash !!!!

show me even just 1 !!

how wonderful to be so certain.

reminds me of ostriches and sticking their heads in the sand.

ostrich --> gee......if i cant see it it really must not be there.

the really funny thing about this post is that we just watched monty pythons flying circus - the meaning of life - lastnight !!


the closed mind is a detriment to ongoing science.

too many instances of the impossible-proved-to-be-fact exist.

there is solid reason for the saying --> truth is stranger than fiction.

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