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Lots of options - what's your budget?

An inexpensive and oft-recommended DIY design is Ken Lyons' DIY Ikea Lyte rack. Do a search here for comments & details. It doesn't offer "cable management," if by that you mean hiding the cables from view, though you could rig something up.

VTI has a rack that's inexpensive and seems to be designed with th same principles in mind as the Ikea Lyte.

Another DIY design is the Flexy rack. There's a recipe at TNT-Audio. Google this to find it.

Target and Apollo racks are ubiquitous, inexpensive, and easy to mod with different shelves, filling with sand, etc.

SolidSteel is another up-and-comer. Their lower-line models look to be a good value. Their higher-line models have been very favourably reviewed.

In any event, used is a good way to go - good values - so check out the Accessories/Stands category over at Audiogon.

These are some good places to start. Hope they help & good luck!

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