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Some simple math

It is relativly simple of course.Say you have a typical speaker with a mid-band impedance of 5 ohms(a very common value).And you have a 1.5mH inductor in series with it(another common value).Let us say the manufacturer used the 'standard line' from Madisound(about what most OEM's do)the DCR would be .75 ohms,cost=$3.50.And you buy the 'Sledgehammer' inductor from Madisound the DCR would be .114 ohms,cost=$12.00.This forms a voltage divider.With the first example you have lost 13.1% of your voltage across the DCR.With the second you have lost 2.2% of your voltage.A 10.9% reduction in voltage is exactly 1dB.Since mtry and the ABX crowd think a .1dB match is needed so as not to influence the subject by the volume difference I think we can safely assume that 1dB would be audible.Changing capacitor types can have an even larger effect on mid and high frequency balance.A friend of mine replaced all the capacitors in his Thiel networks and the speakers sounded completely different and required re-voicing,not only pad changes but capacitor value changes too(mainly decreasing values).

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