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Those parts aren't half bad

The resistor could use some upgrading. A Mills is perfect. The orange cap (orange drop) is a polyester film which is okay and won't wear out. If desired you could move up to the same brand cap but into the 716P or 715P series which is polypropylene.

Now the black cap "looks" like it isn't an electrolytic but I can't tell how large it is. A 200uF film cap, even with only a 40 volt rating, would be as big as a damn beer cap and not cheap. So if it is a film cap leave it alone. For cost reasons I think only a bi-polar eletrolytic will do. Black gate is the top of the line here. Despite what I can see clearly marked I'd measure the value if I could as a 200uF cap sounds very big for a speaker crossover.


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