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Buy an Ikea Lack Side Table & Modify...

Andy, you could spend $175 on NeuanceAudio's shelf, or for $9-14 you could opt for Ken Lyon's (of NeuanceAudio) affordable design recipe that would result in a terrific platform for your CD player. To do this, just buy an IKEA Lack side table ($9-14 depending on a variety of finishes) and screw in some spikes where the legs would have otherwise gone (you can use spike cups if you are concerned about your floor). The table's dimension is just shy of 22x22". These tables are wood veneer over fiberboard and particle board, which sandwich a fiber lattice honeycomb core. As such, the design is that of a rigid, low mass, rapid energy dissipation support & isolation platform. This is a cheap but outstanding tweak. Place your favorite cones between your CDP and platform. Here's link to IKEA Lack table:

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