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Which tuner to get and getting the most from it. Thank God, for the radio!

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tuna i presently have:

harmon kardon citation 18 (modified/refurb'd)
hitachi ht-8000
heathkit aj-1600 (modified/refurb'd)
mcintosh mr65b (modified/refurb'd)
tandberg 3001a (2 - one refurb'd)
rotel rt-2100 (2, one black, one silver)
onix bwd-1 w/soap-2 power supply
accuphase t-101
mitsubishi da-f20
philips 185
philips 186
b&o beogram 5000
revox b261
stromberg carlson sr-445
restek d1
klein & hummel/saba ts 2000
technics st-8600
kenwood kt5500

of the above, i haven't yet tried the k&h/saba, as it's still enroute. the stromberg needs a refurb & sounds crappy. (the seller lied about this - arrrrgh!) the kenwood kt5500 is just 'ok' - on par w/the adcom gft-1a, kenwood kt-9900, mcintosh mr77 & the m-d ft-101, imo... certainly not up to the sonic level of the others. the mac mr65b needs a really strong signal, or forget it - too noisy.

all the others sound great, w/relatively minor differences between them, really... the hk citation 18 stands out as being truly exceptional. any would be fine for long-term listening, imo. the philips 186, restek d1, & b&o 5000 need the de-emphasis changed from 50 to 75us to sound their best in n. america; i have yust received the info on the restek, & i'm trying to get info for the other two.

but... i think it may be time to thin the school... ;~)

tuna that i have tried, liked, but sold anyway:
sansui tu-517
sansui tu-719
sansui tu-9900
(a while back):
revox b760
technics st-9600 (dark green/brown wersion of my st-8600)
meridian 204
yamaha t-2
adcom gft-1a (my 1st tuna - i liked it at the time, but now know it's only average)

tuna that i tried but was not all that impressed with:
kenwood kt-9900 (beautiful, but needs mods to sound good, imo)
mcintosh mr77 (complete refurb; mac s/s tuna is highly over-rated, imo)
tandberg 3011a (worse than the adcom gft-1a i had at the time)

doug s., so many tunas, so little time...

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