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Advice on an Tuner: Dynaco FM-5 or Kenwood KT-8300 or

I am looking for a decent but relatively inexpensive tuner. I have a relatively low end (but to me very adequate) system: Vandersteen 2Ces, NAD 272, Cambridge Audio pre-amp (to be replaced with a NAD match for the 272), a music hall CD player, and a Pioneer Elite 45-A to play SACDS. I listen mainly to jazz, folk, and alternative country – but also have lots of R&B, blues, etc.

I recently moved and gave away an old Teac or Technic PPL tuner which had been in the attic for years. My wife commented that she would like to have a radio and we now have NPR stations which are relatively close. They do a show on Sunday nights called Tom the Jazz Man and I would like to start listening to that and perhaps a few other shows (I have almost eliminated television from my life – I had digital cable but I am trying to reform).

Reading a bit at the Turner information center has lead me to consider buying a vintage tuner. I have found a Dynaco FM-5 Stereo FM Super Tuner Two! Van Alstine Mod on e-bay (buy now at $325) which is offered by Al at Plateau Audio and Kenwood KT-8300 Stereo Tuner for $299.

My new house is a 2 story with a very large attic space on the third floor. My living room listening area has 20 foot (or taller ceilings) and my plan is to put either an Attic InTenna or an APS-9B in that attic and have an electrician run coaxial cable down the wall. There are already some runs for cable and power to my security system. The house is brick but I would think I could get good reception. I live in eastern NC in the town that used to house much of Voice of America and can get many FM stations in my car. I am not so much interested in DX (although I wouldn’t mind listening to a baseball game or two in the summer) but mostly want high quality FM reception at night.

Should I buy a new tuner? Are the Dynaco or Kenwood overkill? I also have a NAK 2 TA receiver but I am now using it as a pre-amp on my second system so I can use the tuner. My experience with it (in a house about 2 miles away but a flat rancher and using just a "supplied with the unit" little antenna was disappointing) – I could almost never get a strong “stereo” signal.

Advice from wiser folks would be most welcome!

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