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Opinions on these tubes and price... thx

Hello. I have an Antique Sound Lab KI22 Fox amplifier. It came with 6 Sovtek 6SN7's which I swapped out for Sylvania Chrome Top GTB's, (big improvement IMO). I now have an opportunity to buy a matched Quad of NOS Sylvania VT231's for $210 US, (not replacing the 'preamp' tubes so only need 4).

I've done some searches and seen some mixed opinions on the Sylvania VT231's, (some love them, some say they're bright and lack bass, etc...). I asked the person selling them if he had any NOS Tungsol or KenRad and he doesn't. Anyway my question is, while I understand that opinions / tastes are personal, should I expect to see a substantial improvement going from the GTB's to the 231's? Also,does this seem like a fair price, (from what I've seen it does to me but I'm not that experienced with this kind of stuff)? Thanks in advance.


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