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Tube Rolling!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not all NOS are good. For instance above someone is using Tungsram 6922's. While they are better than Sovteks and they are cheap also(about $15). They really fall short of any of the Amperex or Siemens that I have used. I have one pair of 73' silver pins laying around in absolutly "mint" boxes with papers though. Thats probaly the only reason why I have kept them.

The 6EM7's really messed me up. As differences seemed small. However they were not. Though all sounded good. As it was really a personal taste. I noted that the older GE's had good clean treble and tight bass. While the 70's RCA's for instance had the absolute best midrange but were rolled off on the bottom end.........

Chinese tubes......well I stay away from these. I have never had any luck with them not only in regards to reliability but sound wise also. Not worth the money even if they are absolutly the cheapest. Also new output tubes are making strides and are cost effective. As the new WE300B isn't as close to the old WE300B that everyone thinks. Yet, it sounds magical. Original NOS WE300B's are rare and finding a matched pair is like winning lotto. Also they are expensive brother. The make the new ones look cheap.

Another note on NOS. One needs to look for the truth here also. As some tubes are overhyped and the market price reflects this. One needs to do a little research before buying any NOS tube(s). As not only will this help in saving money but it will also help weed out tubes that are duds or aren't as good as other ones. Though in the end the only way to tell which tube is right for you is to actually try them. I think old boy above should try some new Sventlana EL34's or maybe some NOS Siemens. The Siemens won't have as much bass as the Svent but they are a very lush sounding EL34.

Also if one has a limited budget one could buy used. Well, used that test good. This allows one to taste at rock bottom prices. Then if you like them you could find them new. This allows little money to buy a wide variety. Then save a little cash for buying the ones you like....NOS. Or you could just do as you and I. Buying many and hording the good ones. Nothing wrong with having a little collection.

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