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Was the 7591 tube very common?

I have a Fisher KX-200 integrated amp that uses 7591 tubes. As you might know, the Sovtek 7591xyz is a rebased 5881 tube. If this tube is going to be used, some changes need to be made to accomodate it. I am hoping that Svetlana goes ahead and acually makes a 7591 tube. It sounds like they have plans to do so some time in the future. But again, it may never happen. I have several questions related to the 7591 and the likelyhood that Svetlana will build this tube.

1. Was this tube used a lot by audio manufactures?
2. Was this tube used a lot by guitar amp manufactures?
3. Would a current amp manufacturer use this tube in current models if it was available?

It seems that most of the other audio tubes used in the 60's are currently in production but not the 7591. Why is this?

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Topic - Was the 7591 tube very common? - sherwood 08:44:25 07/29/00 (2)

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