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GT EL-34-LS vs SED (winged-C) vs JJ KT77 vs Svetlana & Mullard (New Sensor) EL34

I have perused the archives for all of the above tubes, and there is plenty of food for thought there. Still here goes:

What do people think of these tubes? They would go into a Manley Snapper pair of monoblocks (4 per side). Speakers are Merlin VSM Millenniums.

1. Groove Tubes (also labeled Manley) EL-34-LS, these came with the amp and have about 2 years of use on them. I actually like the sound emanating from them. My set is distortion rated "4". Somewhat surprising coming from Manley. I am not sure if they voice their amps for this. I believe the tubes are made by JJ and are supposedly a GT exclusive modification of the JJ tube. They claim it also to have a greater power output.
2. SED Winged-C EL34: Seem to have quite a following. People's description of them as having a rich midrange if anything concerns me since I do also wish for good high frequency extension.
3. JJ KT77. Another tube with quite a following.
4. New Sensor sourced "Svetlana" EL34: I know these are from New Sensor's Reflector factory. I have already 4 of these from another amp and therefore would only have to add a matched quad. The Manley has individual tube bias making life somewhat easier. Having gone through the archives I am aware of the SED/New Sensor Svetlana trademark tussle.
5.What about the New Sensor "Mullard" reissue EL34? Are they very similar to their "Svetlana" tubes or was there some attempt to emulate the Mullard tubes?

I listen to jazz and classical. High frequency extension and clarity is as important as a good midrange. I also tend to dislike an excessively warm "Tubey" sound.

Any input appreciated.




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Topic - GT EL-34-LS vs SED (winged-C) vs JJ KT77 vs Svetlana & Mullard (New Sensor) EL34 - haziz 23:48:22 04/13/07 (4)

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