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Me three Gumby (or am I still 1?)

I almost asked the webmaster to pull that post, thinking
it wasn't in the spirit of the topic.

One of the reasons I love the High End, even the Bleeding edge
is that I can still buy American gear. I still adore lust after and
appreciate gear from everywhere (how could you not appreciate an
Ongaku for example). However, I like that one of my pairs of speakers (Magnepans)are made 45 minutes away. One of my preamps
is made 10 minutes from my house at ARC. One of my sets of OTL amps-
30 minutes away. They, like the very best companies audio has to offer, will talk to you on the phone or let you stop by and say "hi".
That means a lot to me.

I really don't mean to belittle or offend, it's just my personal choice. My wife found some fleece pullovers to buy me for Christmas
that were made in the US. Not a big deal, but it sure meant a lot to
me that at least she thought about it when shopping. Along that vein, my rather opulent choice of owning Hi End helped pay my own state taxes- Bob from down the road may have machined that fancy remote. Let's see, some of my cables may have helped pay for George Cardas' new boat!

The music is what really matters, if a Jolida is your cup of tea,
ENJOY! Maybe you can buy some tubes from McShane...


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