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Hello-- As consumers, tube-o-philes have to find the best prices possible for tubes, buy more as the cost is so low, and force down the price of modern production tubes in general. I peruse the net daily for just this purpose; the latest UNBELIEVABLE find is Golden Sound Tubes, which any search engine can locate. Their email is: mail@GStubes.com. Here are a few of their incredible prices: Electroharmonix ceramic base 300B: $20!!!! That's $80 a quad for a 300B!!!! Electroharmonix 6550s: $11 or $40/quad. Sovtek 6H23n-EB: $2.50 each. Old Stock military production 6H23n-EB/6922/6DJ8: $8 each. I have done business with them and they are fantastic. An $80 quad of one of the better 300Bs around is just fantastic. They have 12AX7s, rectifiers, transmitting triodes for BAT and other gear and more. Dig IT! Chris

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Topic - 300BEH; 6550 EH; 6H23n-EB/6DJ8 UNBELIEVEABLY CHEAP!!!! - Chris Spafford 10:49:55 02/12/03 (3)

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