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Favorite G2 iron parts as of 1-7-06


Here is what I like to use now, iron-wise, with some minimum alternatives, done from memory so I could be off a digit or two :

Power Transformer....... " The Source "

Signal Transformer Corp's DU1/2, 500 VA, 2.3 ohms DCR, the best.

Its got the STUFF man ......... provides " true old-time authority, musical freedom, and magic" to the audio's presentation!!

Signal Transformer Corp's A41-175-230, 175 VA, 7.44 ohms DCR, ( .76 A. ).

No slouch, but sonically not in the same league as the DU 1/2, the MINIMUM one should use on G2. Easy to "fit in" versus a DU-1/2, but..... SO what, I 'wanna HEAR the amp at the best, so just 'gimme that DU 1/2 please.


Signal Transformer Corp's CL-6-12, only .16 ohms DCR !!! at a 12 MILLI Henry rated inductance. This thing is dynamically cool to HEAR. Obviously Jeff ain't concerned ONE IOTA with "reaching critical inductance", NOR is there any concern over the much-trusted "P-Dud" computer program....this inductor just sounds good to ME and thats ALL I need to know and have.

Triad CX-40 (?) from the Allied Catalog, .32 Hy at 10 ohms DCR at .6 A. current capability, not too expensive, eleven dollars or so. But really Ray, the preferred Signal CL-6-12 .16 ohm inductor for the L1 spot just kills the Triad to my ears.


Lundahl's 10 HY choke, I forgot the number, maybe LL-1338 /10 HY. But it consists of two 5 Hy / 18.1 ohm DCR windings on a common core, which I parallel to obtain 9.05 ohms DCR at 2.5 HY, for some HY. filtering with L2 !!

I don't know of any alternative to this choke for G2's L2, at this time. Its about $80 from Kevin at K&K.

Now you "know" Ray, and maybe this is too much to do, but I LIKE what it does, a whole lot.

Using Pentodes?... with all else optimized, its *** ALL *** in the G2 supply implementation !!

Jeff Medwin

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