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Re: a few thoughts re: filter tuning and sound

Agreed about PP, well at least if they are not running into B, then they need the supply to be able to cope with the chnaging load.

I am just not sure about "SET's requiring large caps", I don't think it can be put as simple as that, as if its a fact of life. Its a real double edged sword. Ok, A large cap means the supply can cope with a big peak demand, but the LCL stage before that has then to charge that big cap up again before the next peak load comes along. And whats going on to the amp while the cap is charging up? It never seems to be as simple as that. Ok, a large cap is good, but then you have to have a low DCR choke before it to allow it to charge, that means you start to have the resonance and damping problems that this thread started about. I have heard some wonderful sounding single ended amps that have only a small PIO cap after the choke, 8u or so. And voltage is another factor. There is no way I am going to charge 500uf up to 1300v, as it is, the 50u I have contains about 50 joules of energy when the amp is running.

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