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I'm familiar with those articles...

Hey VS,

I hope I didn't come across as being an expert or having the last word on the topic. My results were empirical and subject to 101 variables that might affect the outcome. Vote for me and I'll lower taxes. ;-)

Your point about not all transformers ringing is well taken.

To answer some of your questions...

1. I used a square wave generator, not a CDP. The generator had a 600ohm output impedance driving a 50Kohm attenuator in my linestage.

2. The EP OPT was purpose designed for the application, and I was using 6J5GT's to drive it. This tube was the design target for this xformer. The linestage was "in circuit" the whole time - meaning it was driving a power amp (with dummy speaker loads o' course).

3. Yes, the freq varied with only a cap across the secondary.

Saving the best for last, I started this whole experiment after reading a couple articles on the web by some guy who's a Dr. Pepper drinker...;-) The methodology should sound familiar to you, and I'm fairly confident that (for my situation) the results are valid.

Here's my two cents (bringing our total to 67 cents) - its a pretty safe bet that if you use a well-made audio transformer in a circuit/application that it was designed for, that transformer ringing just isn't worth worrying about. On the other hand, when forcing PP iron to act as a parafeed OPT, etc., then all bets are off.



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