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Re: re: will freezing improve sound?

Hi Jim ,
With ghee you need small statues of Ganesh and sprinkles of gramm flour on the amp chassis , Ravi Shankar loaded in the pre-frozen CD player with $5000 cryo treated power cables . Use chunks of chicken tikka as topcap insulators on your 866A's otherwise the tweak won't work . The freezer itself must also be treated as follows prior to treating whatever-it-is in the freezer

'Treating the deep freezer unit.
As many of you will realise, some of our customers who have been
using our devices and techniques for at least 15 years, will have
most of the Foils and devices we have introduced over these past 18
years and will, as they received them over the years, have gradually
attached a strip of all the Foils and gradually, over the years,
attached many of the devices to the deep freezer as well as to much
of their equipment. So, the recommendations for 'treating' a deep
freezer which follow are offered on the understanding that most of
our new customers will have some (if not many) of our latest Foils
and devices and will not have very many of the earlier Foils and

If you are intending to 'P.W.B.' the deep freezer, then you should
consider applying the full colour Ring Tie sequence to the AC power
cable. Failing that, at least the first two colours (Red and Yellow
Ring Ties) should be attached to each extreme end of the power cable
and (at least) a small area of the cable's insulation 'creamed' with
Cream-Electret. Preferably, for a greater effect, one should use a
small amount of the new Morphic Green Cream.
Because it is not possible to attach devices and Foils to the inside
of the deep freezer, one has to 'treat' the outside of the freezer
cabinet. As many strips of the different P.W.B. Foils as possible
should be attached to the outside of the cabinet and beneficial
messages should be written with the Red 'x' Pen and attached to the
cabinet. Most definitely, a beneficial message label should be
attached giving the Brand name of the deep freezer followed by O.K.
I do not doubt that many of our long standing customers will have a
wide variety of different 'treatments' on their deep freezer. One
thing you have to remember though is that the more you 'treat' your
deep freezer unit, the better will be the sound in your listening
room, irrespective of whether you have frozen any objects.

If one is going to all the trouble and effort to 'treat' the deep
freezer in order to 'freeze' items of audio equipment as well as
general objects, then one should also consider 'treating' the item of
audio equipment prior to carrying out the freezing technique. At
least a small patch of the Morphic Green Cream should be applied to
the item of equipment or, if available, a Gold Foil square should be
attached to the body of the equipment and a small amount of the
Morphic Green Cream applied to the Gold Foil square.
Don't forget to consider all the interconnects and power cables, -
they are easily forgotten when concentrating on items of equipment.
My recommendation to people is always to experiment when considering
carrying out the freezing technique.
1) Compacts Discs. If you are unsure, do not freeze your favourite
CD first, experiment initially with another CD. I know that
everyone will have a CD which they never play, which they do not like
the sound of, which they originally purchased because of it's
musical content and then became disappointed in it's sound. So I
always recommend that they find that CD, listen to it again and then
put it through the freezing treatment and listen to it again.
2) Similarly with interconnects. I also know that people will have
an el-cheapo interconnect somewhere in a drawer or cupboard. An
interconnect which came included with (say) the tape recorder or
tuner but which they discarded in favour of a more expensive
interconnect. Listen to the el-cheapo interconnect, confirm that you
still do not like to sound of it, then put the el-cheapo interconnect
through the freezing process and then listen to it again !!
If you hear improvements each time, that should give you the
confidence to carry on freezing other things.'

I didn't make this up by the way , see link for more details


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