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RE: 4P1L preamp DIY

You know Jeff,

You really have social issues. I have been nothing less than a friend and in most cases I stuck up for you against all odds. The best thing that has happened to this site is when you get iced from using it but then you reappear, like ion a Schwartzenegger movie or Chuckie. One of these days we will meet in person and you might not like the end result. I might seem like a gentle no nothing in audio person but I can assure you I can handle most situations to my benefit, even if it compromises others and itr seems to be that you need a real compromise. Your good buddy never gets nasty or maybe you are there to do it for him. I never challenged what you do or hear even though those with much higher qualifications that I trust almost always do. You jam things down others throats.

If you read what I said about your likes I never implied you like anything. I said I do. In fact! You don't unless it is built by you and yours. Then it is the end all and be all. And who is to say what's natural or honest? 18K amps? 40K speakers? 1 inch piece of wire?

You are a sick and mentally disturbed person.

I hope for your sake that your hangover leaves because the one you are on sure makes for an ugly character. You don't suggest or have an opinion. You jam things down others throats like a past president I also disliked. I am almost sad to think I am one of the lonsmen as long as you are. You are not fun.

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