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Re: Why Tre', you are so emotional !! Unbalanced Whiner, UGH! .

"What is being suggested works like gang-busters"

Which of the many different suggestions are you talking about?

"what this type of simple supply does sonically"

What supply are you talking about now?

The one you proposed 8 months ago?

The one you proposed 4 months ago?

The one Dennis proposed at this post http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/tubediy/messages/118189.html on 3-7-07 12:10?

Or the one Dennis proposed at the next post on 3-7-07 17:55?

They are all different. Can't you see how that shows that you don't know what you are talking about?

Jeff, I'm not full of hate but I don't like uneducated designers telling everyone they, and only they, have all the answers. I post so other, less knowledgeable persons don't buy into your unsubstantiated claims.

Jeff, it's wild, unsubstantiated claims like your's that give high end audio a bad name. Snake oil and magic dust.

I'm just standing up for what's right and not letting you get away with telling half-truths. If you want to call that hate, go ahead.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Music
"Still Working the Problem"

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