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Re: guru

>>>A guru is a teacher or a guide. A real teacher does not teach the truth as one thing on one day and something else the next.<<<

You make it real easy for me to make my point dude - thanks. Are you saying it is better for a teacher to stick to some arbitrary line even though experience, research, knowledge, etc. come to indicate something different? Y'know, progress an' all that stuff. Man, some of us are not cr#pping ourselves at the thought of change.

Yes, Dennis / Jeff should not present their hypothesis as an absolute truth, or Truth; but did they? It may have been *their* truth at the time. I am thinking they want people to give it go and come to their own conclusions. That said, I have not been following these threads in max-o-detail; this is just audio - time spent here is time away from da ladeeez.

Yes, their hypothesis may appear flawed, now as in the past. It appears that their approach and experiences have some merit though, as has also been shown (then better explained) as in the past. Y’know, something works but you lack the ability to explain it.

Check ya

PS. Nice guru line - I can not recall Dennis / Jeff calling themselves ‘gurus’. I could be wrong though - I am more interested in his point than trivial crap like whether he is the guru. Sh!t. If he did not claim he is da guru, then kudos to your (mildly) inflammatory language. Yes, the commonly-used terms teacher, mentor, etc are less inflammatory than guru – but you know that.

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