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Tape Rule #1

I must admit that the issue of compatibility has always been somewhat curious to me. Cassettes are recorded within a given set of standards. My expereience, a lot of years with my head inside these machines, is simple. Given accurate alignment tapes, by any manufacturer, and appropriate mechanical alignment fixtures, if required, make all tapes playable on all machines. If compatibility is a problem, it can only be one of two problems. 1) With pre-recorded tapes either the original was recorded on an out of alignment machine, not likely, or the play back machine is not aligned. 2) With self recorded tapes either machine can be out of alignment. I personally have never had a pre-recorded tape compatibility problem on any machine I have aligned. Any compatibility problem with a self recorded tape has always been the problem of the machine it was recorded on. TAPE RULE #1. The mechanics have to be perfect first then the electronics.

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