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Re: Dunlavy SC-IV/A

A lot taller than the VRs ;)

DaveB and I listened to them a while back at a dealer. They put out a big, tall, deep soundstage and are tonally excellent. Also quite easy to drive with medium powered tube gear, we started with a BAT VK-5i/VK-60, but a tube dying ended that. Even so, you could tell the match seemed quite good. With the BAT SS pre/VK-200, they could play anything at insane volumes tho became noticeably a bit more forward with a loss of that tube magic, oh well. We really wanted to hear them with the Carys.....

If I were picking nits (real little nits), they don't quite go full range but then you have a sub. The bass is tight, quick and sounded quite natural. I like 1st order designs but I'm not quite sure about MTM. I was walking around a bit and Dave was listening more critically in the 'sweet' spot. To me walking around and standing, there was something nagging me that didn't seem quite right. I'm not sure if it was coherency or that the bass was seeming up too high or that I just not used to the sound or what. Bear in mind, this is in the context of expecting to hearing a world class speaker. We were not disappointed except for the fact that the tube rig had problems and it was too late to hear the Carys by the time that was sorted out.

In the sweet spot, the images were fleshed out and if anything almost bigger than real life, no singers on their knees here.

Speakers were set up nearly in the middle of the room (about 20x35 room) on the long wall, 10 feet from front wall and around 10 feet apart or so. Dave would know as he had them set them a certain distance.

Definately worth a listen.

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