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Do I have a set of the infamous "Van" speakers.

I traded into a pair of speakers a few years ago. I've got maybe $100 in 'em and they have suited my teenaged son just fine.

Now that he is moving out the first of the month, I started to see what he had, needed and I was willing to part with.

A close inspection of his speakers sure reminded me of those infamous "van" speakers. I'm sure everyones heard the story that is now practically an urban legend about some "high end" speakers being sold in parking lots and on college campuses out of the back of a van.

Anyway, they are: Acoustic Reference, Studio Monitors, Series 1201 with two knobs on the baffle and a note about Liquid Cooled. They must be studio monitors because they are black! :-)

Are my suspicions correct? Either way, they wern't that bad for $100 on an old JVC 35w receiver playing rap.

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