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Re: That wasn't really my question.

Oh well, I realize its not possible for them to play like a $8k speaker in all area's of speaker sound. Of course I wouldnt know since I never auditioned anything better than the ones I listed. One fact I do know. They sound MUCH better in every conceivable way compared to my old Mirages. In that aspect, then yes, they do play all music perfectly well. But compared to the Vandersteen 3's I do not beleive they play Nora Jones as well. I beleive the strengths of the Vandersteens do better in those area's than the Ushers. Where the ushers do everything that I know about realy well which includes rock which the Vandersteen sounded to laid back. The dealer and others on this forum suggested that the Vandersteen 3' would do well mated with a pair of subwoofers. I had to then weight the cost for what I get as a speaker based on the criteria of the music I like to listen to.

But to answer more directly to your question based on my audio experience. Yes. The Usher speakers I have do play all kinds of music very well. Better than I have ever enjoyed before in my home. I suspect they may be a little too forward or bright for some of the "classical music" loving tube fans out there. That opinion based on reading their comments and complaints in the forums about speakers in general.

*Analog fans may be blind-but digital fans are deaf*

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