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Maxxhorn Immersion loudspeakers

This is just a short note as I wanted to share the joy – I’ll try to put something more thoughtful and thorough down in due time. I received my Maxxhorn Immersion speakers this past week, and had them up and in my system for the Memorial Day weekend. The short answer is: these are off-the-chart spectacular loudspeakers. They are the most refined, balanced and articulate speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. I’ve had probably two dozen different speakers in my house over the years … many different variations on the single driver (Hedlund through Oris); acclaimed boxes like the Verity Parsifal; and my beloved Quad ESL-57s (which hold a special place in my heart, to give you a perspective on what I like). The Maxxhorn beats them all.

There is nothing these speakers don’t do well, and they are drop-dead gorgeous to boot. I have never – EVER – heard bass like this: deep, full, quick, perfectly aligned and scaled to the instrument, whether a standing bass, drums in an orchestra, or an organ, be it a church or Jimmy Smith (the latter is playing in the room next door, and both Jimmy and the sound of the speakers are scary good!). The kind people of Maxxhorn offered me a 60-day in home trial, no returns, just send ‘em back if I don’t want ‘em, but these are never leaving. (No, for the cynics out there, I don’t have anything to do with the company).

More info here: http://www.maxxhorn.com

The rest of my system consists of a Sony 777 SACD player with the 5+ Vacuum State mod -> Vacuum State RTP3C (the “D” supply is on its way) -> Vacuum State DPA-300b monoblocks. All interconnects are balanced Redel with Allen’s silver laquer wire and the speaker cables are Kondo silver.

If you’re thinking about these speakers, run, don’t walk, before the price doubles. Back to The Sermon ...

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