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arm-chair critic

>It is a bit odd that you are giving out grief on the suggestion that the Orions will respond to more refined amps, and yet you don't use the ATI yourself.

It's not my intent to give out any grief. I'm simply stating that you aren't really in the position to 1) State that the ATI amplifier is a limiting factor in an Orion system. 2) Recommend specific amps for the Orion. IMO in order for you to do either would require you to OWN a set of Orions and have TRIED THEM with the ATI and the other amps you've recommended. It's just way too easy to dismiss the ATI amplifier to the ones you've recommended w/o having tried it yourself. (Vis a vi my arm-chair critic comment).

I've used a few different amps with my Orions (but not the ATI). I don't use the ATI because I prefer to build my own.

If you're into vintage equipment I'm surprised that you would find any merit with the Orions. They are so diametrically different from the JBL's you mentioned that I find it hard to believe that you could like both. Given this, and what I mentioned above (arm-chair critic) I cannot place any credibility in your amplifier recommendation for the Orion. I would like to believe that others see it that way too.

Cheers, mac.

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