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Re: I'm not certain we really ave agreementdef…

I can't disagree but from my experience it has been far far easier to find speakers that image and soundstage well (in that I have yet to hear speakers (ones that are considered to be "good") do this incredibaly badly or even less than good - than it is to find speakers that don't have remotely credible dynamics timbre and tonal accuracy etc.

I would say less than 5% of all the speakers(that are deemed in the press and on forums) I have heard in my life provide good dynamics, timbral accuracy, tonal credibility (not sounding etchy or having the tweeter give itself aways, sounding AS ONE not hearing the drivers independant of each other etc.

And conversely probably 95% of all those speakers Image and soundstage well - at least within a flea's(can't spell nat??:-) eyelash of each other and most all do it more than credibly if you spend some time positioning the speakers that suit them.

I suppose the difference is that I just EXPECT that a speaker will image and soundstage well because I rarely if ever come across speakers that are hideous in this regard. Though I have heard some speakers seem to artificially create a center image where the singer is actually or should be off center.

I suppose if you have come across speakers that do it very badly then it would be important but my experience has not found a whole lot that do it badly - if I did then i may put a premium on having it done more right.

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