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Re: Biamping Maggie 1.6 or 3.6 ??

> A previous poster (previous thread) reported a conversation he had
> with Magnepan where they claimed there would be no benefit to
> passively biamping 1.6s since each amp would be handling the same
> load as if they were driving both highs and lows.

I don't understand this. Looking at Ed's picture of the 1.6
crossover the two panels are in parallel, just like paralleling
two resistors. Since the Maggie has an effective impedance of
4 ohms doesn't this mean that each has an impedance of 8 ohms,
which parallel to 4? If so thats great for me and my OTL, which
likes 8 ohms!!

But the benefits of bi amping are also that each amp only
deals with the back emf from either the tweeter or woofer,
but not both. BUT Maggies don't have this problem! Another
advantage is that you put the crossover before the power amp
so then the power amp *only* sees a nice, resistive load, which
is the ideal for any amp. I would guess however that they would
benefit more from monostrapping (two amps driving the same panel)
for increased power, rather than bi-amping as Magnepan said.
Unless of course the impedence changes as I said in the
previous paragraph.


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