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Re: Dahlquist M905

That's a great buy for $20!

They were part of Dahlquist's moderately priced line in the mid to late 1980s. They were the second from the bottom of a four speaker line; M903 (small bookshelf two way), M905, M907 (larger three way with I believe a 10" woofer) and M909 (larger still; I believe still a three way). The M905, M907, and M909 could be combined with the Dahlquist "ST-9" stand which had wood veneer to match the finish of your speakers. I have a set and they are handsome.

According to the press materials, Dahlquist used special internal cabinet bracing, flush mounted all the drivers, carefully engineered the crossovers and added the special flocking on the front surface to decrease the "boxy" sound common in mid-priced speakers of the day.

I purchased my set brand new in 1988 for $590 for the pair. At the time, I was considering the Spica TC-50, Design Acoustics PS-10, and a B&W speaker which were all in the general price category. Of course, the Spicas had the nicest soundstage and largest stereo imaging, and the B&Ws had the deepest bass, but the Dahlquists were not far behind either. I use mine with a powered subwoofer and one of the Dahlquist DQ-MX-1 passive crossovers with very nice results, I think.

Parts are generally available from Regnar, a company made up of some former Dahlquist engineers and/or employees. They even sell (or sold) a crossover upgrade kit. I have never dealt with them so I can't share any experiences. They are on the web.

I actually just moved and the owners' manuals are still packed. If you'd like some of the technical specs, send me an email and I'll get more info for you in a few days.


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