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Optimus Pro LX5 mod

I've follwed the suggestion from Larry van Wormer in swapping the original bass unit for a SEAS one (no change to crossover as yet). Already there is great improvement in smoothness, ambience retrieval etc. BUT, I've lost all of the bass. Only doing this by ear but I doubt whether I'm getting anything much below about 200Hz (the woofer is working !). Only other change was to try adding some felt to the side panels - doubt if this could have made such a huge difference to the bass. Anyone any ideas ? I am assuming that crossover design would only really affect the transition between the two drivers, not the lower end of the bass response. Help - it feels like I'm listening to a pair of, admittedly smooth, transistor radios !

PS - cannot find any contact details for Larry van Wormer ot Eric Wallin who had posted details of this upgrade on the web.


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Topic - Optimus Pro LX5 mod - stephenj 03:23:57 02/24/03 (4)

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