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You;re either joking or your exposure to JG's

playing is limited.I have listened extensively to perhaps hundreds of live Grateful Dead and JGB recordings,mainly Soundboards and while Jerry did make more than his fair share of mistakes,missed noted and flubs,when he found the groove he could pull off some stunningly beautiful and at times fully mind blowing stuff.Its those perhaps relatively few instances where he and the band gets its just right that makes wading thru the forgettable stuff worthwhile. Jerry was a true musical explorer and the music for which he reached was often beyond any earthly means of playing but he was anything but untalented.Remember also he was missing his middle finger on the picking hand too.Its been said when waxing romantic the Gods had to take it lest his playing being too good diminish their glory or cause the premature death from extreme rapture by his audience.Dickey was probably a more consistent player and of very impressive ability.I wouldn't want to have to choose one or the other.

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