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8 of my favorites (Very dark, Rated R)

"I need soemone to pull the trigger
Cause everything I'll ever be, I've been
And I need someone to pull the trigger,
So if you're what I think you'll be,
If you're who I think I see, shoot" -

Matthew Sweet, "Someone to Pull the Trigger"

"Jesus wouldn't save you when you cried,
I knew I couldn't save you so I lied,
The doctors couldn't save you, but I do believe they tried,
After dying together, we die alone side by side" -

Freakwater - "Gone to Stay"

"You don't want to die, but the living gets you down
We want you to act like nothing's wrong,
Even though you heard a sound,
And then you're ripped right out of the ground like a fucking root,
You simply cannot hide from the ugly thruth" -

Matthew Sweet - "The Ugly Truth"

"As soon as I was living, they dropped me in an open grave,
And then as soon as I was dying, they said I was too young to save,
I guess I'm superdeformed
My blood is still warm, but I'm superdeformed"

Matthew Sweet - "Superdeformed"

"So go on and shoot your mouth off,
like it might kill the silence,
Say you would rather die than see me cry,
You'd rather die than see me cry,
But what do you know?" -

Matthew Sweet - "What Do You Know?"

"Everything I say is a stupid lie,
I won't tell the truth even when I die,
I'll rip myself to pieces till the end of time,
Then I'll glue them back together in a stupid rhyme" -

The Geraldine Fibbers - "Dragon Lady"

"You still had a long way to go,
To the dawn that was threatening never to show,
When the pain has become too much
The speed of light just isn't fast enough"

Matthew Sweet - "Speed of Light"

"I stand here naked at attention,
Is this my only skill?
I fucked my first fruit today, lousy lay,
I asked my daddy for a quarter,
He gave me twnty five cents and a kiss for good luck.
Daddy, what can I do to make you stop crying,
Jesus only knows, Jesus only knows"

The Geraldine Fibbers - "Toybox"

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