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Re: Ok, so can you explain how these thermal effects might manifest themselves?

I'm not looking for temperature variations across the rig..In fact, I'm trying to eliminate them in my IA setup, as metal films are 50 ppm/C.

What I'm talking about is the non linear conversion of currents into heat flow..At audio frequencies, that heat flow will be unable to travel fast enough to modulate the surface temperature..But, the conversion process is still fast enough to react to an audio signal.

What I'm proposing is to measure the I/V characteristics of 1000 back to back solder joints, copper to tin/silver (only have a pot filled with that, not tin/lead.

The non linearity should be visible in the dc realm..If so, it should also affect ac. I figure 1000 joints should be enough that if there is an effect, it'll slap me upside the head.. If not, then an upper limit for that possibility could be established, something on the order of "not greater than 1 uVolt per joint", my rough estimate for dc simple measurements.

""So we've had the usual pseudo-technical pissing match.""Peter

Do not confuse what has been transpiring here as a technical anything. Regardless of how technical I have tried to keep it, it's not possible to have a one sided technical discussion.

If 1k joints have a 1 millivolt effect, JC's rig would see hash across the spectrum at levels totally unmistakable. Or, it may be that there is no effect...time will tell..

Cheers, John

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