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Re: You missed my point, Steve.

But when one veers off the path of musical pleasure and onto the path of objectivity, the rules of the road are much different. And if one chooses to veer onto the path of objectivity, they ought not get their panties in a bunch when they're held to objective standards.

Fine and dandy about the "rules" being different. There is still no excuse nor reason for some in either camp to be rude and discourteous to others, and especially to jeer, heckle, or mock. None of that perjorative behaviour contributes to our pursuit of knowledge. In fact, just the opposite....such behaviour is a discouragement to meaningful discussion, as has been shown repeatedly on these and other forums. And some of the brighter minds have simply left the building. We are all the sorrier for it.

There is a wonderful (IMO) expression I once saw at a martial arts school......"leave your ego at the door". This applies as well on these forums, and is exactly why some get their "knickers in a twist" over various comments. Ego, vested interest, and emotional investment (in our dearly-held beliefs) are behind each and every one of the slights suffered from insensitive and caustic comments from rude and discourteous individuals. As has been said many times before, it's so easy to hide behind a computer monitor.

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